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HamCram registration is easy.
Just complete the online application
below and submit your registration.
You will be taken to the payments page
where you can click on the
corresponding paypal transaction button
to pay your class fee through paypal.
If you are paying at the door, please
email and let us know in advance.

HamCram starts at 8:15 AM
Doors open at 7:45 AM
The Next HamCram will be held at:
Stockton Fire Station #2 - Training
110 W Sonora St
Stockton, CA 95206

HamCram Fees - $20 in 2020:

Technician HamCram $20.00
General Upgrade HamCram $20.00
Extra Class Upgrade $20.00
* Note: Extra Class should study ahead of the
   HamCram - bring your own book.
* We offer an Extra Class HamCram test
License Testing Only Fees:
There is no charge for test only
during the HamCram. Donations to the
Elmer University are welcome.

* Arrive at 2:30PM for Test Only

Elmer University - No Charge
Please sign up for Elmer University Here


HamCram Registration Form
Please Remember to pay through paypal - click on the link below
HamCram will be held at: Stockton Fire Station #2 - Training Div Classroom, 110 W Sonora St, Stockton, CA 95206
HamCrams - Doors Open at 7:45 for Registration. Study Session Starts at 8:15 AM - SHARP! New Licensees MUST bring a photo ID. If you are upgrading, please bring a copy of your current license. TEST ONLY please arrive no earlier than 2:30PM
Ham-U "The Elmer University" Starts at 8:30AM. While most projects are classroom instruction, there are some projects that are hands-on. If you participate in a hands-on project, we ask you to donate a few dollars to help cover the cost of anything taken home. *** You do not need to be licesnsed to attend Elmer U ***
LUNCH. for HamCram is 11:00AM to 12:00 PM - Please return in time to start the afternoon sessions. You may also bring your own lunch and eat in the classroom.