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Located high on Bear Mountain, just oustside of San Andreas, California is the core hub of the WB6ASU Repeater System. The system is built around the 147.090 mhz 2 meter repeater that is linked to 444.250 mhz and 927.075 mhz via Arcom RC210 controller. A recent addition to this system is an Amateur Television Repeater. This repeater is an FM based repeater. FM was chosen for a host of reasons, picture quality and lower cost being the primary reasons. Our transmitter is based upon the Comtech Tx Module. These transmitters are reliable and inexpensive to buy. We use the 900 Mhz ham band as our input and the 1200 Mhz ham band as our output. Currently we are engineering a DIGITAL ATV addon to this system. We are still undecided as to what our output frequency will be, but 3480 Mhz is looking pretty good. The 3400 Mhz band is a good logical choice because of the readily available low cost FTA Recievers on the market and the cheap C-band LNB's available. Another logical choice would be low in the 1240 Mhz region, because of the PAVEPAWS restriction, 1.2 Ghz has become a populated piece of spectrum and finding a 2 mhz chunk of spectrum will be tough.`