N6GKJ Antenna's

These are some if the antenna's I use for ham radio, the low and high vhf antenna's are cushcraft designs. The short loop yagis are from Directive Systems, the long loop yagi's are ARRL designs built by me in my shop. The 10 Ghz dish antenna is a used 30 inch dish. The 10 Ghz slot was made by W6BY, Brian Yee

Tower in my backyard
Home built Loop Yagi's
Sweep of the loop antenna, the reference point was -30dbm. The -43dbm line represents -13dbm of return loss or 1.5:1 VSWR. as you an see most of the antenna sweep is well below that line indicaing the antenna is fairly broad.
10 Ghz Dish, 32db gain
Van mounted 10 Ghz Slot antenna